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If you are reading this you are most likely a loving couple searching out something a little different musically for your special day. Sounds great to me!! During the many years I have spent playing at venues around the country, I have always preferred those nights were I was required to play a very mixed DJ set that included many different genres of music. I have held residencies in many clubs and bars throughout the country, but it was in bars where I always felt most comfortable playing a very varied choice of music that catered for a mixed crowd of party people.

As a music lover myself, my taste in music spans across the board and includes hip-hop, reggae, soul, funk, house, indie, and rock. However, as a professional DJ my job is to cater for the audience in front of me. This is why it is very important to me to have a detailed and honest consultation period with you both before we decide I am the right DJ for your wedding. During these consultations we can discuss the musical vibe you would like to create based on the music both you and your guests love.

"Noel played an amazing set at our wedding, we had talked about what music we liked and what we didn’t like(!) and he totally nailed it. Mixing Ska, a bit of Prince and dropping in some classic disco tunes too. Everyone was up dancing and Noel was full of energy and responded to the crowd instinctively. We loved it, and would highly recommend Noel if you are thinking of a DJ for your wedding, he was a pleasure to work with."

- Ros and Karl -

"We chose Noel as our wedding DJ because we had heard him play in so many venues in Dublin over the years that we knew he would be perfect. We remembered that when we first began dating, we would always have a great night if he happened to be playing in a bar we visited when we were on a night out in town. Noel will play anything from the Happy Mondays to Chic, or from the Pixies to Thin Lizzy, depending on the crowd he is playing for. Before our wedding Noel sat with us and discussed our favorite music, and on the night perfectly blended in some of our chosen tracks with his own selection. "

- Nigel and Emma -

"Noel is an absolutely fantastic DJ, and we are so happy that we selected him for our wedding. He is a consummate professional, and he manages to play music which is not too edgy or too commercial, but somewhere in between. For our wedding he played for 4 hours and his choice of music was perfect for our guests. Noel played a mixture of funk, soul, disco, indie and rock, and mixed them all in a way which kept the party flowing, and people on the dance floor. Highly recommended."

- Abe and Maria -

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